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The Design of C++ , lecture by Bjarne Stroustrup


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1 year ago
The Design of C++, a lecture by Bjarne Stroustrup. This video has been recorded in March, 1994.

From University Video Communications' catalog:

"Bjarne Stroustrup describes the origins, aims and design rules for C++, and then presents key language features and the programming techniques they support. Finally, he discusses current uses of C++, the standardization effort, and likely future uses. Throughout, he emphasizes why C++ looks the way it does. Stroustrup explains the language features which most directly support data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and the design and use of large systems: classes, abstract classes, templates, class hierarchies, run-time type information, namespaces and templates."

Lot number: X6636.2013
Catalog number: 102624733

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