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GoingNative 57: VS 20th Anniversary Special

Views: 103 8 months ago
In this special episode commemorating the 20th anniversary of Visual Studio, Steve Carroll sits down with a number of people who have played a big rol...

GoingNative 56: CMake in Visual Studio

Views: 290 12 months ago
In this episode, Marian Luparu and Iyyappa Murugandi chat with Steve about CMake support in Visual Studio. Download [

GoingNative 55: ISO C++ @Issaquah Debriefing

Views: 271 1 year ago
In this episode of GoingNative, Steve Carroll chats with Gabriel Dos Reis and Gor Nishanov about what happened at the C++ standards meeting in Issaqua...

GoingNative 54: What's New In Visual Studio 2017 RC and Introduction To Vcpkg

Views: 1,028 1 year ago
This episode of GoingNative comes to you in two parts: First, Steve chats with Augustin Popa about the latest and greatest features in Visual Studio 2...

GoingNative 53: Learning STL Multithreading

Views: 1,113 1 year ago
In this episode, Billy O'Neal and Stephan T. Lavavej (S.T.L.) talk about the Standard Template Library for multithreading, and how to use it properly....

Talks and Highlights From cppcon 2016!

Views: 158 1 year ago
Steve Carroll sits down with Jon Kalb, cppcon chair, to talk about the highlights of cppcon 2016. Then he chats with a number of speakers and gives th...

Bjarne Stroustrup Interview at cppcon 2016

Views: 1,334 1 year ago
Steve Carroll and Gabriel Dos Reis chat with Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of C++, about his keynote this year at cppcon 2016. Bjarne talks about th...

VC++ Bytes 1-1: Oleg Kharitonov - Brace Completion and Formatting

Views: 115 2 years ago
We kick off the series/season 1 with Oleg, who talks about his favorite features (that he worked on himself!): the tag team of brace completion and fo...

VC++ Bytes 1-0: Season One Introduction (formerly Favorite Things in Visual Studio 2013)

Views: 69 2 years ago
Watch this short introductory video about a new segment on GoingNative: VC++ Bytes! (formerly Favorite Things in [the new!] Visual Studio 2013, FTVS13...

GoingNative 52: ISO C++ @Oulu Debriefing

Views: 187 2 years ago
Welcome to GoingNative #52! This episode covers the recent ISO C++ Standards Meeting in Oulu, Finland. Gabriel Dos Reis and Casey Carter join Steve Ca...

GoingNative 51: Updates with the Visual C++ Linux Extension

Views: 286 2 years ago
Today's episode covers our Visual Studio C++ ( for Linux Developme...

GoingNative 50: New Visual C++ Code Optimizer

Views: 237 2 years ago
Happy 50th episode! This episode covers our new, more advanced code optimizer for the Visual C++ compiler back-end. It provides many improvements for ...

GoingNative 49: Awesome Tools in Update 2 and VS "15" Preview

Views: 319 2 years ago
Today's episode is jam-packed with people and features from the Visual Studio family of products! Join today's "panel of presenters" to hear about all...

GoingNative 48: ISOC++ @Jacksonville Debriefing

Views: 76 2 years ago
We're back with another round of updates from the most recent ISOC++ standards meeting at Jacksonville, where some..."interesting" turns of events too...

GoingNative 47: MSVC++ is* C++17 standard library feature complete!

Views: 779 2 years ago
as of this video's release date =P Join us (including our new libs PM, Eric Mittelette) as we get an in-depth look at what cool new C++17 features are...

GoingNative 44: ISOC++ @Kona Debriefing

Views: 76 2 years ago
Get another inside scoop on the up and coming in C++ as we debrief STL and Gaby on their most recent Standards meeting in sunny Kona, Hawaii! Video Ti...

GoingNative 46: [Why you should be trying out] C++ Modules

Views: 351 2 years ago
At various points in previous episodes (particularly those of an ISOC++ nature) we've briefly touched on or alluded to modules, so here's the episode ...

GoingNative 45: Incredi-builds with IncrediBuild -- free in Visual Studio 2015!

Views: 140 2 years ago
If you didn't know already, a solid set of features from IncrediBuild (a software accelerator) are now packaged for free in Visual Studio 2015! You kn...

VC++ Bytes 3-1: New, Improved, Faster Database Engine in VS 2015 Update 1

Views: 118 2 years ago
Following the trend of Visual Studio releases, season 3 of VC++ Bytes explores the new and improved of Visual Studio 2015, post-RTM. Our "season premi...

GoingNative 43: Talks and Tips from the Experts at CppCon 2015!

Views: 1,440 2 years ago
Ever wish there were a way to condense the entire CppCon 2015 into less than an hour? Well, realistically speaking, there may not be a way to really d...
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